General questions

To make an investment you must first become a member of Sunrise Bitcoin. Once you are registered, you can make your first deposit, you can login using the member user-id and password, which you have created during registration.
It's quite easy and won't take more than 2 minutes, get referral id from your sponsor or get his/her link to register, fill in the registration form and then press 'SUBMIT'. Please remember to write down your Password and Transaction Password don't share your Passwords with anyone
We accept investment in Bitcoin Payments and from your Wallet (Topup Wallet) for New Joining and for Reinvestment's can be used.
No, you are not allowed to own more than one account. In special cases you need to take permission from Admin. You can open several accounts in Sunrise Bitcoin, for your friends and family using the same computer and the same IP address but Each account should have its OWN unique Bitcoin account and emails. In order to avoid hacked accounts, fraud and more than one account.
Other questions
Our capital works by simple principles - each purchase pack in the range of $50 up to $4,000 will receive the profit daily until 150% maturation .Your expected profit on business days will range from 2% and 2.5%. Also, we include binary plan as an organizational structure used in multi level marketing. Binary plan is a team game - team effort. Like every game, there are rules and a winning price, but to win a game there must be a constant challenge made of a personal development of skills, constant effort and strong will to increase one`s team results. The company consider the binary plan as an extra bonus and reserve the right to change the conditions at any moment. Also the company has a limited amount to dedicate to the binary payment because we give multi level marketing binary compensation based upon legitimate sales, and if in any case the payment of the binary should cause a loss for the company, it can be cancel.
Sunrise Bitcoin believes that 5% in first level with a 10% binary income is very honest and motivational.
You have to be an active member (member with a active investment pack) to earn affiliate commission. After you have bought an investment pack, you can share your affiliate link or your sponsor id with others. Once they register using your link and deposits, you will receive affiliate commission to your account balance.
It will be automatically added to your account.
Yes, you need an active investment pack to be able to participate in affiliate program.
Withdrawal questions
You need to login your Dashboard and click “Wallet” then select 'Withdrawal' and fallow the instructions for quick withdrawals. In order to avoid hacked accounts, fraud and more than one account, Each account should have its OWN unique Bitcoin account.
The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 and its multiples.
Sunrise Bitcoin is giving a unique supportive withdrawals through Wallet System this works instantly. Here we have 2 different Wallets such as Income and Topup. all your income will be generated in Income Wallet from this you can withdraw 24/7. You can transfer to Topup Wallet, this Topup Wallet can be used ID to ID transfer instantly 24/7 in single click. This will help you for New Joining and Reinvestment by which no delay in New Joining, withdrawal or payment
Withdrawals request are usually paid in 24 hours max, but Sunrise Bitcoin pays instantly.
Yes, 10% deduction for withdrawal in your Bitcoin Wallet, but no deductions in Wallet usage, such as transfer Income Wallet to Topup Wallet or ID to ID transfer